Fancy Line

Our hours are:

Monday to Thursday
8:30 - 5:00

8:30 - 4:00

Closed for lunch daily 12-1

Phone: 705-741-2016

COVID-19 Office Policy Update – July 1, 2022

Mask Policy:
We continue to require the use of masks for both patients and staff in our office.

  • The majority of our daily schedule involves caring for vulnerable patients.
  • Our staff and doctors deserve a safe workplace.
  • We continue to experience staff absences. We need to minimize this to be available to provide your care.

If you are unable to wear a mask, please contact the office in advance to make arrangements for care.
Entry to our main office continues to be by appointment only. Staff can be reached by phone or email during open hours.

Even minor symptoms can be cause for concern. Covid related or not, we require that you reschedule.
Have symptoms and a negative rapid test? Reschedule.
“Just a cold”. Reschedule.

In advance of your appointment:
We will contact you 2 days ahead to confirm that you are feeling well.
We may email you forms for completion in advance of your appointment.

What to expect when you arrive for an appointment:
Please arrive no sooner than 5 min before your appointment time.
Drivers and family members are asked to wait in the car. (Exception: one parent with minor child, mobility assistance, interpreter, substitute decision maker)
Please ring the bell on our door and step back to wait for staff to meet you.
You will be screened at the door with a short list of questions.
Hand sanitizer and masks are available at the door if you do not have them.

What to expect in the dispensary / choosing a new frame:
Frame selections continue to be limited to 1 person, by appointment only.
At the time of booking your exam appointment, you will be asked if you would like time reserved for frame selection.
If you do not schedule that, you may not be able to do it at the same time.
Frames used will be cleaned between patients.
We use a UV sanitizer for disinfecting delicate measuring tools.

I need a frame adjustment / repair:
Please make an appointment for this whenever possible.

I need to order contact lenses:
Please leave a phone message or complete the website order form, include your phone number.
Lenses will be shipped directly to you after contacting you by phone.

I need to pick up Dry Eye or Lid care products:
Please contact staff by phone or email to arrange for pick up.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Please bring a medical mask and wear it on entering the office.
Bring only the glasses you currently use on a regular basis.
Bring a list of medications - no bottles. Names only, no dosage required.
Completed documents as required.
Dilation is usually required, please bring sunglasses and have a driver wait in the parking lot.