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Dry eye management

Many different factors contribute to the development of dry eye including age, general health, medications, and environment.

Why do my eyes water if they are dry?

If your eyes are dry, it stimulates “reflex tearing”, the same type of tearing that occurs when you get a bit of sand or dust in your eye.

Why do I need artificial tears?

Your tears have layers with different purposes.
If the whole tear film is not stable, and coating your eyes well, they will be dry.
It is not just about how many tears you have, but the quality of your tears.

Artificial tears aim to restore the balance in your tear film for an effective surface coating.
Different artificial tears are aimed at improving different layers of your tear film – they are not all the same.
At the time of your examination recommendations for your situation can be discussed.

There are other options for management of dry eye depending on the severity of your dry eye disease.

If you are experiencing dry eye, please complete the following questionnaire and bring it to your appointment.

CLICK HERE to download the questionnaire.