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Frequency of examinations

A child's first examination should be before the age of 3 in order to ensure optimal eye health and vision development. Following that first exam, it is important to continue regular vision assessments every year or 2. Children's vision assessments are covered by OHIP. A referral is not required.

Regular exams are an important part of maintaining your overall health and making your vision last a lifetime. Vision assessments for adults 20-64 are not covered by OHIP, except specific medical exemptions. Annual examinations for those 65 and older are covered by OHIP.

People with diabetes should be examined at least annually. Diabetic examinations are covered by OHIP.

Imaging is an important part of a complete eye health assessment. Recommendations on type and frequency of imaging will be based on your individual eye health and risk factors. OHIP does not pay for retinal imaging regardless of age or condition.

For all ages, at the completion of your examination we will make a recommendation for further follow-up based on your specific situation.