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Preparation for your Exam

Preparation for your exam - what to expect:

Please bring the following items with you on the day of your exam:
Health card /ODB card
Glasses-any that you currently use
List of medications
Private insurance forms -please check your coverage in advance of the appointment.
(Policies and forms vary greatly -we do not know what your particular coverage will include.)

If this is your first appointment at our office, please bring a completed Vision and Health History Form with you to your exam.

CLICK HERE to download the form.

If you are a contact lens wearer, please come in wearing your lenses. Also bring your glasses, contact lens specifications (a label), a contact lens case and any solutions or drops you are using. In order to ensure your eyes are healthy and your contact lenses and care products are still right for you, we recommend an annual contact lens assessment before ordering new lenses.

For adults, in order to properly assess the health of your eyes, we will most often use drops to dilate your pupils. Some people prefer not to drive following pupil dilation. Please be prepared to wait a bit if you do not feel comfortable driving, or arrange a driver.
Generally speaking, an adult examination with dilation will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

As part of your examination we will recommend taking an OCT scan of your retina. This allows us to assess your retina health in detail and make a plan for appropriate followup. Retinal scans are not covered by OHIP.

For children, if drops are required the reasons will be thoroughly discussed. It may be recommended that the child return for a second visit if drops are required.

Special needs:
If you or your child have special needs regarding the examination, please speak to the receptionist in advance of the appointment.