Fancy Line

Our hours are:

Monday to Thursday
8:30 - 5:00

8:30 - 4:00

Closed for lunch daily 12-1

Phone: 705-741-2016


The Ontario Association of Optometrists and the Ministry of Health/ Ontario Government continue negotiations to deal with long standing underfunding of eye care in Ontario.
As a result we are currently providing OHIP services.
This does NOT mean the problem is solved, but we are hopeful for a resolution.
If no agreement is reached, OHIP services may once again cease for optometric eye care in Ontario.
We are getting close to rescheduling all postponed appointments, and existing patients who have been on the waitlist for an appointment.
If you are experiencing concerning vision changes, please contact reception by phone, phone message or email, or proceed to the emergency department of your nearest hospital. If you are calling after hours, these messages will not be reviewed until the start of the next business day. If you feel your vision change is urgent, please go to your nearest emergency department.
In the meantime, please keep talking to your MPP and keep the pressure on for an agreement so we can continue to provide care with no further interruptions.

Thank you!