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Eye care funding crisis in Ontario - September 1, 2020

As members of the Ontario Association of Optometrists, we are engaged in job action to address a funding crisis in vision care in Ontario.
Our ask is simply that the Ontario government commit to formal negotiations to address needed fee changes.

The OHIP fee schedule for vision examinations has been underfunded for 30 years. Current fees have not changed since 2008/09- 12 years ago!
The fee the Ministry of Health pays for these assessments does not come close to covering the overhead cost of providing them, not including income for the optometrist. That means every OHIP insured exam we do is done at a loss.

In addition, financial pressures related to COVID have increased overhead costs significantly. Following a prolonged closure, we can no longer see the same number of patients in a day, and the additional costs of PPE and other supplies required are significant.

With the growing demographic of seniors in particular, and rapidly growing demand for OHIP insured services for these seniors, this is simply not sustainable.
Practices will be forced to reduce and limit how many OHIP insured services are provided.

If you would like more information on the details of this job action, please email for a letter to patients from Dr Cawker or Dr Shields.

If you would like to sign a petition to insist the government commit to negotiations, please visit

In the meantime, as members of the Ontario Association of Optometrists, we are redirecting some requests for service to alternate providers. We are also not currently accepting new OHIP insured patients.